Effective Advertising

Media Research

All successful advertising campaigns rely on the careful selection of the most appropriate media within a given budget. Selecting the correct media ensures the candidates you need to target will see your jobs, therefore giving you the best opportunity to successfully appoint. Selecting the wrong media can be extremely expensive as the lost opportunity costs quickly mount up.

As you may expect as an advertising agency CJA has access to the latest audience/readership statistics and recruitment advertising market trends at our disposal. What makes us unique though is the additional experience we are able to utilise from our Search & Selection service. This unique combination allows us to confidently advise and recommend the most appropriate media, ensuring you get the best value from your advertising budget.

Media Buying

We understand that ensuring costs are kept to a minimum and the maximum return of investment is imperative to any sector, whether it be Charity, Public or Commercial. As an agency we are completely impartial from any media organisation, which enables us to advise and secure the best value for you. In addition to negotiating fantastic deals, on a practical level we also provide a single point of invoice, saving your finance and accounts departments a considerable amount of administrative time.

Campaign Analysis

When placing your recruitment advertising through CJA you will have a team of dedicated account managers looking after your campaign throughout the whole process. Working with you, we will measure the performance and effectiveness of each platform you are advertising on. We will ensure your advertisements are working as effectively as possible whilst they are live and after the campaign we will use the data to feedback into future recommendations.