Copy Writing

What Encourages Candidates to Apply?

The answer is compelling copy that not only informs but engages with candidates. Our team of expert copy writers are at hand to work with you to achieve this.

At CJA we take a consultative approach when it comes to copy writing, analysing job descriptions and person specifications, and discussing the roles with our clients to fully understand the key criteria and benefits for each role. This tried and tested method enables us to produce compelling copy that is, search engine optimised, jargon free and above all encourages the right candidates to apply.

Alternatively if you wish to use your own copy, our team of copy writers will still be at hand to ensure the same rigorous checks are adhered to as well as providing you useful information to get the best out of your copy, such as:

  1. Job Title: Is the job title one that will actually be searched for by candidates, if not we can advise on appropriate alternatives.
  2. Introduction: This should be an introduction to the role itself. In today’s climate of time precious candidates does your opening paragraph do enough to encourage them to A. ascertain the role is suitable to them and B. encourage them to find out more?
  3. What are the core responsibilities of the role?
  4. About your organisation, most importantly why do people want to work for your organisation?
  5. Essential criteria you require from candidates. What is essential and what is desirable? Are these expectations realistic and in line with what you are offering in return?
  6. Contact details - Have you made it clear and straight forward for candidates to apply?
  7. Closing date - Have you set yourself a realistic time frame?