School Website Design

Does your school website engage effectively with parents and students whilst adhering to Ofsted and other inspectorate guidelines?

In today's climate your school website is becoming ever more important. It is the “shop window” for a wide ranging audience, not only for parents, student and staff but also inspectors. It therefore has to be able to:

  • Appeal to all audiences;
  • Promote and protect the image of the school;
  • Adhere to latest Ofsted / Inspectorate guidelines;
  • Be easy to navigate;
  • Be accessible across a wide range of technology, e.g. desktops, mobiles and tablets;
  • Be search engine friendly.

To achieve all this it is best done so with the assistance of a highly creative digital agency that has extensive knowledge of the education sector. CJA offers:

  • Over 40 years of working with the education sector, both maintained and independent schools;
  • A thorough understanding of the importance of protecting and enhancing the image of a school;
  • School Marketing and School Recruitment experience, and innovative solutions to utilise website and new technology for both purposes;
  • A successful track record in designing and managing websites for government bodies and local councils, which require strict adherence to guidelines.

If you feel that your school website is either not meeting the current Ofsted guidelines, or not effectively promoting your school, or you are establishing a new school or academy and need to create a new site, CJA would be delighted to discuss your requirements further with you. In the first instance please call the CJA Digital team on 020 7588 3588 or submit your details below.

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