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We help schools to recruit and retain talented teachers


As a leading recruitment advertising agency in the education sector, we invest to make schools' recruitment budgets go further by ensuring we have the latest recruitment trends and data at our fingertips to help attract new talent as well helping schools to retain existing teachers. For example, CJA and the Guardian have collaborated to survey over 4,400 teachers across the UK to reveal what appeals to teachers when looking for new roles, what motivates them to stay and the media they use on a daily basis.

If you are interested in finding more about teachers, their careers and working lives and how this information can help your school to recruit more effectively, register today.

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Delivering tailored solutions since 1969

At the heart of everything we do is to provide our clients with an exceptional level of service and care. Since 1969 we have been helping organisations to find, attract, recruit and retain the best talent for their needs.

Our approach of adopting both evidence based and innovative solutions has allowed us, for over 40 years, to keep ahead of the forever evolving recruitment challenges employers approach us to assist them with. As new technologies develop we are able to find new solutions and relish the new challenges ahead. Our portfolio of services has grown from Executive Search and middle and senior management recruitment, to include Recruitment Advertising, Employer Branding, and Student Attraction and Marketing.


CJA is one of the UK’s leading and most experienced recruitment organisations. We offer a range of Executive Search & Selection and recruitment solutions to help employers and employees find the best match for their needs.

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Recruitment Advertising

Our goal is to ensure you, as an employer, are able to attract and engage with the best talent for your vacancies in the most cost effective method for your company, whilst ensuring your brand is enhanced and protected.

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School Marketing

Attracting students shares a lot of similarities (as well a range of completely different exciting challenges) to attracting candidates, hence our decision 10 years ago to develop our school marketing service.

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CJA Digital offers a diverse portfolio of digital solutions to enable employers and schools to engage effectively with their target audiences.

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